Dec 2023


@lostboyschannel proudly represented its hometown in its latest urban takeover. The creative collective, rooted in Nottingham's fashion and music scene, recently orchestrated a dynamic event that dominated Nottingham city center, inviting a multitude of fans to partake in the unveiling of the newest Lostboys "Bazaar" collection.

Following their expulsion and ban from Nottingham's Victoria Centre, the Lostboys shifted their focus to Victoria Market in the city—a location facing imminent closure due to financial constraints. Drawing inspiration from the bygone days of acquiring bootleg garments from market stalls during their formative years, the latest Lostboys collection pays homage to the distinctive styles often found in the bustling atmosphere of Victoria Market.

Choosing this venue as their canvas, the collective showcased their latest collection, featuring fresh tracksuits and eye-catching "Lucci" caps in sleek black and vibrant pink colorways.

Positioning themselves as a brand dedicated to "Bringing Fashion To Da Block," Lostboys made a memorable impact by generously distributing packs of clothing. Attendees were not only treated to exclusive garments but also engaged in spirited foot races and press-up competitions, adding an interactive element to the event and ensuring enthusiasts secured pieces from the limited drop.

With a promise of "More Bands Are On The Way," Lostboys hinted at forthcoming releases, assuring fans that additional clothing and events are on the horizon. For a glimpse into the recently held pop-up event in Nottingham.