Feb 2023

The Corteiz x Nike - cross bar challenge

The Cross Bar Challenge:

A common challenge seen in youtube videos and on the pitch is the infamous 'cross bar challenge'. Crtz is very well known for its creative marketing and activation for drops, such as 'The Great Bolo Exchange', and it kicks off the marketing for the Crtz x Nike 95's shoes in similar fashion.

The challenge is simple, you have two attempts to hit the cross bar from outside the box to win a pair of the new shows, with an additional £1000 in cash if you do it wearing any other nike 95's.

The Event:

The event took place in Ladbroke grove, where Crtz took over the pitch filled with branding and  event managers.

Clint at the Cross Bar challenge by @Kaivyon

A perfect fit

Tones of footage from the event flooded social media (as it always does) and was the perfect activation to kick start the marketing for the shoes.

From Clint's instagram we have seen him flying all over the world filming so its highly likely another advert is on its way for the brand.