Dec 2023


As the year comes to an end Strandz brings one more song out of the locker for his people who have been locked in with him this year. It has been an in credible year for him, as his releases of the remix to 'Us Against The World' , 'J'Adore' and 'Feeling Alive' with Lancey took over the internet through out 2023.

Strandz calls in Tendai and takes off to Lagos, Nigeria with video director alpha bravo studios to shoot the video.

East Londons tendai brings some incredible vocals which are tied into the beat and adds another dimension to the song.

The video includes a lot of other footage showing the incredible Journey that Strandz has been on this year, and with the help of Alpha Bravo Studios its executed perfectly with the footage of a recent trip to Lagos.

Watch the full video below: