Jan 2024

Some Of The Best Watches In The Scene

Step into the world where time becomes a style statement, and elegance intertwines with functionality. We are breaking down some of our favourite timepieces that intertwine between the watch gurus and the fashion fanatics.  

Cartier ‘crash’ watch - (with Diamonds) £147,000/$187,366

In the '60s, London was all about breaking the mould. Stewart Granger and a bunch of other fans were itching for a seriously unique watch. So, Jean-Jacques and designer Rupert Emmerson got their heads together to brainstorm. They thought, why not mess with the beloved Maxi Oval design? Picture this – pinch the ends, throw in a kink in the middle, and bam, it looks like it survived a crash. 

Just a cool idea they were kicking around, however, it turned out to be a stable piece of Cartier’s ambition to create unique designs and ever since has been a staple for creative-minded people who are all about doing it differently in life, 

Rolex "Who Cares" Datejust 116300 - £15,000 / $18,200

Colette, a renowned Parisian boutique, whose ongoing relationship with with Rolex has birthed many gems. Was responsible for this viral twist on the whole purpose of a watch. Dubbed the "Who Cares" edition, this distinctive timepiece features a stainless steel case and bracelet, accompanied by a customized face adorned with the whimsical statement "Who cares, I'm already late" and a playful arrangement of numbers, all in Colette's distinctive shade of blue. The hands and Rolex crown logo also sport this signature colour theme.

Limited to just five individually numbered pieces and boasting a co-branded case back, the "Who Cares" Datejust is priced at $18,200/£15,000. 

RM 69 Erotic Tourbillion - £682,290.97 / $869,648

Richard Mille a renowned designer in the luxury and ultra-expensive watch game, produced RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon which shows a range of messages (the keys in the name), from suggestive to downright sexual. Instead of depicting explicit scenes as seen in older timepieces with suggestive messages and images, this timepiece relies on three rollers that display a random combination of words, forming a tantalizing statement. The watch famously owned by Canadian rapper Drake comes in at a subtle price of £680,000. 

Rolls Royce watch Corum  - £12,950.00/$16,506

Rolls Royce was early into the game of creative wristwatches for clientele that wanted a piece of their car on their wrist. Released under license in limited numbers back in the 1970s, this exceptionally rare timepiece is a true marvel.

Fashioned in 18kt white or normal gold, the watch takes inspiration from the radiator grill on the Shadow line of the company's cars, complete with the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy.

Chrome Hearts Apple watch 

Not much to say about this particular modern take on a smartwatch apart from it looks cool as shit and would work perfectly in a Chrome Hearts outfit.  

Rolex Yellow Gold Cellini Geometric Manual Wind Wristwatch 

This watch was designed as part of its line of dress watches, the Rolex Cellini stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and abnormal square shape. This timepiece showcases a remarkable 18K yellow gold case complemented by an integrated 18K yellow gold graduated geometric bracelet.

The watch boasts a captivating blue hard stone dial adorned with a gold Rolex-applied crown and gold hour and minute hands. Adding a touch of sophistication, the incredible blue inlaid bezel features Roman numeral hour markers, creating a classic and refined aesthetic. 

The Ben 10 watch 

What is understood doesn't need to be said, we all want one. 

The RM ‘Marshmallow’ 07-03

Part of the collections that reminds people of the sweets of childhood which caught the eyes of fashion and watch lovers around the world the RM 07-03 is no different. A white case marked by an incredibly bright face made up of pastel pallets of pinks, yellows and greens it’s sure to create a buzz.

Recently taken the eye of Travis Scott the RM 07-03 is a watch that requires a certain level of XP to pull off. 

written by THE COACT