Mar 2023

Lil Macks - Win or Lose [Music Video]


Residing in Milton Keynes, just outside of London. Lil Macks has stormed the scene in fashion. He started making music back in 2017 but he took it more seriously entering in to the new decade. His hit 'Oslo" has achieved over 10 Millions streams on streaming platforms.

'Win or Lose'

Lil Macks takes us on a journey with his song 'Win and Lose' as he summaries some moments in his past. Lil Macks always marks his place in the UK wave scene with his raw vocals and lyrics.

“Still outside with my main hitters, i met them n***** on the block”

Lil Macks in his video 'Wins and Lose'

The video has a boxy 4x3 aspect ratio giving it a retro feel while also having a high production look. The unsaturated, mellow colour grading matches perfectly with the song. Set on an estate at different times of the day, with the shots incorporating Lil Macks and the people who he holds closest.

Directed by Mani J and produced by ODYSSEY the video executes it's creative feel with the help of  DOP Michael R Johnson and the team at London lighting. Mani J has worked with Lil Macks before, on his hit 'Oslo' where the duo went to the capital of Norway to film it.

Watch - 'Win or Lose'