Kendrick’s creative agency PG lang take a new approach to phones

Kendrick Lamar, the renowned rapper and artist, is taking a unique approach to our modern obsession with smartphones. Through his creative company, pgLang, which he co-founded with longtime collaborator Dave Free in 2020, he has teamed up with phone and tech pioneer Light to introduce a limited edition of the Light Phone. This exclusive edition, dubbed "just a phone," is a deliberate departure from the typical modern smartphone experience. With a focus on simplicity and reducing distractions, it provides only essential features, including basic calls and text messages.

The "just a phone" edition is designed for minimal use, going back to the basics of communication. You won't find internet browsing, emails, or social media here. It's reminiscent of the mobile phones of yesteryears, allowing you to stay connected without all the fancy bells and whistles. In fact, it won't even receive images via text. The device operates on 4G LTE and can function as a hotspot, but its primary purpose is to provide straightforward communication.

One standout feature of this limited edition Light Phone is its screen. It employs "electronic paper" technology, commonly known as E Ink, popularized by devices like the Kindle. This screen ensures legibility even in direct sunlight and has low power requirements. Additionally, it eliminates the backlight that most smartphones emit, contributing to a different, more humble user experience.

In terms of battery life, you can expect the Light Phone to last approximately one to two days on a single charge. Like all phones, it requires an active and compatible SIM card to operate. A user-friendly dashboard website accompanies the device, allowing you to manage your phone and perform tasks like importing contacts or adding various tools.

You can further customize your phone by adding or removing additional features from a toolbox menu, including an alarm, calculator, simple music player, or calendar. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it simple with the standard tools. As for the design, the standard Light Phone typically comes in white, black, or light gray, but pgLang's edition showcases a distinctive steely gray colorway.

Here's the kicker: only 250 examples of Kendrick Lamar's limited edition Light Phone will be released. The phones will be available exclusively through the pgLang website, with the release date set for Thursday, November 2. If you're unable to secure one of these limited editions, you can still get the regular Light Phone II for $299, offering a stripped-down, distraction-free mobile experience that stands in stark contrast to the complexity of today's smartphones.