May 2023

JHUS Returns With "Crazy"

Don't Say Militancy

The UK rap scene explodes with excitement as the  prince himself, J Hus, makes a grand return! With unparalleled anticipation surrounding his comeback, J Hus's surprise release of the single "It's Crazy" has taken over the genre. "It's Crazy" serves as a testament to his prowess as a rapper, however we have a lot more to expect from Hus in the coming weeks and month, as we are anticipating a  summer filled with Jhus' sounds, especially his afrobeats sounds which always impress.

The single marks a sonic departure from Hus's previous work, signifying an evolution in his artistry and a bold exploration of new territories. As fans and critics alike eagerly await his long-awaited third album, the anticipation for the next chapter in J Hus's discography continues to grow. His undeniable status as a British anti-hero remains unshaken, and "It's Crazy" solidifies his position as one of the most captivating and influential voices in the UK rap scene.

from Jhus - Crazy

During the build up to this weeks release, we saw a range of viral marketing methods used to build hype and warn people of the upcoming single and project. Custom police tape was spotted in Stratford and across a Mercedes Benz dealership, along with billboards and a phone number with a custom voicemail. With such a strong build up for this single we are sure to know about his album before it drops, but maybe not through the most obvious of ways.