Apr 2023

Dré Six is back with “Mway”

Dré six is back with a fresh video and song in ‘MWAY’.  

Dre is back in his typical style. The instrumental, made up of an acoustic guitar, allows the artists to explain wat's going on. Dré speaks on police chases, girls and hustling in the city and tying everything together seamlessly. This style of song isn’t new from the talent, as some of his other songs such as ‘Light & Dark’.

artwork for Mway

The style Dré brings along with him is greatly aprechiated, speaking on things commonly linked with rap and drill but he flips the norm on its head and brings an acoustic, singing element. This level or originality is so needed, especially when a lot of music is starting to sound the same.

Dré continues his theme of black and white videos with scenes set in what we presume to be his local area. A corner shop, estate and on roads. The director REDLIGHTMEDIA brings an almost ‘VLOG’ feel as different segments see the artists acting out different scenarios.