Feb 2023

Drake & 21 Savage - 'Spin Bout U' [MUSIC VIDEO]

Drake and 21 Savage are two of the biggest names in hip-hop, known for their ability to consistently deliver chart-topping hits that resonate with audiences around the world. Their latest collaboration, "Spin Bout U," has just been released, along with an accompanying music video that is sure to leave fans buzzing.

The whole video is set on a luxurious yacht in the middle of the ocean where a woman comes aboard and changes the whole mood. The artists are drugged and robbed before the entire boat is destroyed and burn into the ocean. The last scene comes as a shock as the stars are both shot and thrown into the ocean.


The video has an incredible look to it, almost a 90's vibe but still set in modern day. From BTS it looks like the video was shoot half on location on the boat and the rest inside a set designed to look like the inside of the yacht, in one photo we even see drake flying around the set.

In the last few weeks drake as releases a lot of videos for songs of his latest album with 21 savage, we want to see a video for 'Middle of the ocean next'