Feb 2023

Chinx (OS) - Levels [MUSIC VIDEO]

Chinx - 'Levels'

The UK drill scene has been growing exponentially in recent years, with a slew of talented artists making waves both in the UK and internationally. Among these artists is Chinx (OS), a London-based rapper known for his gritty, raw lyrics and captivating flow. Chinx (OS) recently released the music video for his single "Levels," which has been making waves across the internet.

The music video, directed by Don Prod, is a visually stunning piece that perfectly complements the song's hard-hitting lyrics and beats. The video begins with a Robot shot of Chinx (OS)  in a dark room, as different versions of him are cut in. This kind of shot is only possible with a Robot arm as it give the crew complete control over the movement and position of the camera. This was done with the help of London Lighting and Robot Films.

VIA INSTAGRAM: @chinx1sider

Overall, "Levels" is an impressive release from Chinx (OS), showcasing his skills as a rapper and the visual flair of his team. The music video is a feast for the eyes, with stunning visuals and dynamic editing that perfectly capture the energy and intensity of the song. It sets the audience up perfectly for his album which drops at midnight.