Dec 2023


Central Cee Returns brings the hunger as he puts the TRAP in ENTRAPRENEUR!

Over the last week, we have seen a more motivational side to Central Cee, which hasn't been as present since the infamous Wild West days back in 2021.

As part of the rollout for his new single, he posted a video from 2020 where he is driving a Toyota Yaris filming a Cullinan saying "One Day". This drive for success and ambition to achieve mixed with already achieving an insane amount plays a major role in the energy that comes with 'ENTRAPRENEUR'.

Went from a Toyota Yaris to a Urus, i still got the same work rate as before.

The visuals from Kunography are the first time in a year this diligent duo have collaborated, the last being almost a year ago today when 'Let Go' was released. Especially for this kind of sound and in London the linkup between the two is part of the winning formula Central Cee has built. This formula stretches to the production with Chris Rich returning to production on this single.

As Cench brings his hungry sound to this project it only makes sense that it's his first official release as a part of his new deal with Colombia Records, and seeing as he is now releasing with his new label it hints towards a debut album at some point in 2024...fingers crossed.

Watch Central Cee - ENTRAPRENEUR here: